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When You Arrive at Our Cruise Terminal

  • You will be met by our parking attendants.
    All parking at the Port is Valet, self parking is not available.
  • The cost for parking is $15.00 per day.
  • That's $30.00 for the standard 2 night cruise.
  • That's $60.00 for a 4 night cruise package.
  • We accept cash or credit cards for payment for the parking.
  • If you need assistance getting your luggage unloaded, our people will assist with that and then direct you to Baggage Check In.
  • At Baggage Check In you will see the baggage service personnel, who will find your name on the Bahamas Celebration manifest.
  • The baggage service personnel will then take your luggage and put it through security screening and send it to your cabin.
  • When you have boarded the Bahamas Celebration you will find your luggage has already been placed in your cabin.
  • You will enter our cruise terminal and go through security screening; just like at an airport, except you donít have to take your shoes off.
  • From there itís off to ticketing and your cruise!


Please do not attempt to bring alcohol, weapons or illegal narcotics on board the ship!

Donít ruin your vacation by attempting to bring these same items into the United States when you return from your cruise.

Note: All passengers and their luggage will be screened by Officers and K-9ís from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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